The World in Chicago: CD only




This album presents over an hour of original arrangements of music taught to us by master musicians from Argentina, Thailand, Jordan, Ghana, and Serbia, who join the string quartet as featured artists on several tracks.

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Track list:

1. Tinta Roja
2. Balderrama (feat. Alba Guerra)
3. Un Candombe Para Gardel (feat. Alba Guerra)
4. Si Se Calla El Cantor
5. Thai Cha-Cha-Cha: Bu Kai Gai Lohng / Dek Bam
6. Lam Vong Medley: Lam Vong Dor Pra Suk / Sam-Rueh Loom Kam / Loy Krathong (feat. Phiwan Phonwiang)
7. Deuan Pen (feat. Phiwan Phonwiang)
8. Yae Kai Mot Dang
9. Jamila
10. Jordanian Folksongs: Billah Ya Nijem Ya Wadah / Ridaha Ridaha (feat. Baha’a Abu-Taha)
11. Anshudat Filastin (feat. Baha’a Abu-Taha)
12. Yaa Amponsah
13. Odo Ye Owu / Towobo Ase (feat. Abee Mensah)
14. Comedy Songs: Audu / Akwele Ya Medya (feat. Abee Mensah)
15. Yen Ara Asase
16. Bojarka (feat. Jovan Mihailović)
17. Jedno Malo Čivuče (feat. Jovan Mihailović)
18. Čoček Iz Vranja / Nizamski Rastanak
19. Songs for the People / Lift Every Voice and Song (feat. Sojourner Zenobia)

The Quartet:
Lucia Thomas, violin
Sam Hyson, violin
Robert Fisher, viola
Ellen Frolichstein, cello

Featured Artists:
Alba Guerra, singer from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phiwan Phonwiang, singer and khaen player from Taphan Hin, Thailand
Baha’a Abu-Taha, singer and oud player from Amman, Jordan
Abee Mensah, singer and keyboard player from Cape Coast, Ghana
Jovan Mihailović, violin player from Belgrade, Serbia
Sojourner Zenobia, storyteller

Arrangements by Lucia Thomas & Sam Hyson
Recording & engineering by Gene “Zhenya” Nemirovsky
Artwork by Jovan Mihailović

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